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  •  The President COULD do that in theory, but... (0+ / 0-)

    the flak from Republicans in Congress would detract from his ability to get other things done; and in the case of articles not manufactured by any company in the U.S. it would require Congressional budget approval to set up a "federal factory" to make them.  The name calling would ratchet up to a point that even LIBERAL voters might start to believe this President is a "socialist!"  After all, how DARE he hire government workers to make something for the government to buy AT COST, instead of giving a profit making opportunity to some corporation who would charge the government twice what it cost to make the product!

    There has to be some change in public opinion and some improvement in public knowledge before this would be politically feasible.  But we could start by promoting the IDEA of doing this... starting with the product called "health insurance."  Single payer ... since everybody pays something in taxes, use part of the taxes to support a "self-insurance" fund (which many large corporations use rather than giving their cash to an "insurer" up front; you may think Aetna or Humana is your employer's health plan provider but in fact they MAY just be using their offices, letterhead and resources to pay claims from your employer's self-insurance fund for a fee), maybe hire insurance companies to handle the payments IF they can do it well enough and cheaper than hiring federal bureaucrats to do it, all doctors and hospitals get paid FAIR fees ON TIME.

    And since all the health providers are paid by one entity, that entity would have the INFORMATION to distinguish bad luck outcomes from the once-in-a-career slip, from unawareness of brand new medical knowledge, from having PREVIOUSLY acted on NOW obsolete knowledge, from just plain incompetence, so that REALLY bad providers can be put out of business BEFORE they hurt too many patients, and patients who survive but need expensive and ongoing followup treatment will not need to sue to get that paid for.

    That's right, single payer would bring down the cost of healthcare, AND the malpractice rates, AND the shortfall of compensation for patients who currently LOSE their lawsuits.  The cost: profit for insurance companies (but face it, there are lots of OTHER things besides health that are more predictably profitable and less controversial that could be insured), fees for malpractice lawyers, and overcharges by doctors, hospitals and HMO clinics.

    Sorry to go off topic, but once Obamacare is seen to work better than the status quo ante, but not as well as we the people would like, single payer can then be promoted, and then the idea of having government run factories to make things that NOBODY but government should have or need (like artillery shells and nuclear missiles), or that nobody but government really WANTS (like maintenance of national parks), would be easier to sell.

    Back to the original topic, I WOULD suggest that the President issue an executive order that only companies that follow fair labor practices in ALL their divisions, not just the ones that actually get government contracts, and maintain only UNITED STATES BASED call centers rather than offshored and/or outsourced ones, and are moving toward making a steadily increasing percentage of the parts in their products here in America, could get government contracts.  And once voters are aware of the benefits to the country (and millions of workers) of such an executive order, any future right wing President who tried to reverse it would receive too much flak from voters to go through with it (not to mention that the firms CURRENTLY complying would pay for advertising to ask voters to stop the unfair competition).

    And someday "the Waltons" would only be a really nice fictional family surviving the Depression on an old TV series, rather than a really nasty real life family making a Depression for the rest of us.

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