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View Diary: Hypocrite Limbaugh Not Buying "Reprehensible" Bashir's Apology (24 comments)

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  •  Rush reeks of desperation as he tries to claw (2+ / 0-)
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    ColoTim, Buckeye54

    his way back to relevancy.  Problem is that his Dittos are dying off and the younger generation of haters have found far more radical folks to follow.  Rush used to be cutting edge of hate but now he is just another boring old fart spouting the party line.

    If Rush wants to attract these young haters, he needs to support violent secession from the Union by Red states; he needs to advocate the public execution of public officials; he has to one-up Larry Klayman who had announced on 11/19, that he and his like minded countrymen would go to the WH and evict Obama and send him back to Kenya.  Rush is a piker compared to these other more extreme voices.

    So ratchet up the hatred Rush.  You are a plutocrat from your peddling of hatred so lets see if you still have what it takes to remain king of the hill.  I dare you to burn a cross on the WH lawn and prove to the haters out there that Rushbo has not lost his mojo.  

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