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View Diary: Harry Reid really screwed up this time (77 comments)

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  •  He made # off being a douche who got lucky with (7+ / 0-)
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    Dumbya and Texas turning red, and Dumbya brother willing to steal Fla for him... and 5 Justices willing to steal the Presidency for him.

    His only real claim to fame is that he gained some Senate seats by exploiting tragedy and war fever and calling Ds traitors in 2002, then helping Dumbya squeak out a 'win' by shamelessly exploiting homophobia.

    BTW, an incumbent President with a more or less healthy economy, having just 'won' what the public was sold were 2 'good' wars (this was before the worm turned, mostly), should have never been in a squeeker if his political operatives were halfway competent.  IOW, its more an indictment of Rove than a success.

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