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View Diary: On the anniversary of JFK's assassination, a boatload of speculative what-ifs are still unresolved (144 comments)

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  •  I know next to nothing about whether JFK.. (1+ / 0-)
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    ..assasination meant an escalation of war or not.

    This article Dangerous History of Regime Change by By Beverly Deepe Keever | October 25, 2013
    ..explores this question from a different angle.

    Exclusive: Official Washington justifies military and political interventions in other countries under the theory of “U.S. exceptionalism.” But these “regime changes” often have unexpected results, as with the bloody coup d’etat that removed South Vietnamese President Diem a half-century ago, recalls Beverly Deepe Keever.
    Details of the Diem killing remained something of a mystery for years until the leaking of the secret Pentagon Papers in 1971 cleared some of that up.
    On Nov. 1, 1963, a half-century ago, the South Vietnamese government that the United States had backed for nearly a decade was toppled in a military coup d’etat, an act of regime change approved by President John F.  Kennedy.
    Then this bit of politicking caught my attention (not the focus of the article, just a small bit):
    I eventually concluded that Diem, who was a Catholic in a predominantly non-Catholic country, had become a political liability for America’s first Catholic president gearing up for re-election the next year. Whether the U.S. could or would have prevailed in South Vietnam with Diem as president is still debated, though – like all “alternative history” – unanswerable.
    But from a complete JKF ignoramus (me) regime change is or has always been involved when there is war.

    Add a hungry MIC and our system of capitalism it protects; it's hard to see how any one man or woman as President makes enough of a difference to phase the imperialistic roots - (1970) we inherited long ago.

    Thx MB

    With more from the same author:
    November 1963: Days of Murder: talking about LBJ, Catholsism (as was Diem) and what effect that had. Plus a bunch of stuff too

    •  Paying out 3-million piasters ($42,000) (0+ / 0-)

      made Kennedy, McNamara and Lodge murderers. They likely thought of themselves as patriots, cold warriors.

      One thing: the military attache in Saigon limited the killings to the two brothers. It could have been worse.

      It's possible that other U.S. clients worried about who could be next. Kennedy had brought Diem over to the U.S., including a ticker tape parade on Broadway in New York City.

      Then offed him.

      Kennedy looked great, sure thing. But a lunatic like that, who's next ???

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