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View Diary: On the anniversary of JFK's assassination, a boatload of speculative what-ifs are still unresolved (144 comments)

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    I'm not the one who's heavily arguing for Johnson.

    I've read historians who say Johnson was incredibly skillful in dealing with Congress. I think it was a recent biographer who said that Johnson had the goods on people, and had done other's favors that still counted back then.

    He can still be incredibly skillful and also have the fortune of a hefty Dem majority. I wasn't saying he did it on his own. I was affirming the parent comment that Johnson was skillful because he was. Before I launched into my own speculation

    If you were replying to me, I'll say I don't understand why so often people here have to be condescending and say "Um, Gee..." I usually save that for Republicans who do not share good intent or well meaningness when they express their opinions. Or, for someone who is being completely insulting.
    You know more about the details of things. I was just being agreeable to the prior/parent poster by using what I'd heard about Johnson's skills as a politician, at least in the Senate.

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