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View Diary: A pebble watches the avalanche: First-hand report from the most epic netroots victory ever (84 comments)

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    Eric Nelson, CJB2012

    I signed one of the petitions for filibuster reform and wrote to DiFi & Boxer, my California senators. I'm glad it's finally come to this. Let them finally fill up the judiciary, all those empty seats on the bench. Let them finally fill all the openings in the administration.

    What good was the filibuster ever going to do again? Boxer imagined that Dems would be able to use it in the case of an egregious Supreme Court nominee like Slouching Towards Bork. I'm glad Boxer finally woke up to the new reality.

    As a gay man I have no illusions about comity and rules - when they're mainly used to keep people down they need to be changed.

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