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  •  And Now, We Need To Fix The House (0+ / 0-)

    Right now, we have a House majority for immigration reform, for gun reform, for several items on the Obama agenda.  But we can't get it to the floor for a vote because Boehner's having his tail wagged by the House Tea Party.

    Here's the solution.

    The Dem leadership, led by Pelosi and Hoyer, go to the two dozen House Republicans who opposed the shutdown and who opposed debt default.  

    Here's what they offer:

    They can keep their committee assignments and their committee chairs, or even get some, if they wish, and the Republican party will remain the majority party in the House on paper.  And Pelosi et all commit to NOT running for Speaker.

    And here's the deal Pelosi offers to those two dozen GOPers:  The two dozen GOPers introduce a Resolution of Vacancy, declaring that there is a vacancy in the office of Speaker of the House.  Pelosi commits her Dem caucus to voting for that resolution.  That resolution is a priviledged resolution, meaning it MUST be voted on; the Speaker does not have the authority to prevent that vote.

    So the House Dem caucus plus those two dozen GOPers vote for the resolution, forcing a new election for Speaker.  

    The two dozen House moderate GOPers then nominate their own candidate for Speaker and Majority Leader, and Pelosi and the mod GOPers will have signed on the dotted line ahead of time that that nominee will NOT be Boehner but members of the two dozen instead.  Pelosi leads her caucus in supporting those nominees.

    In addition, a full slate of leadership positions, Whip, Caucus Chair, and so on, is then voted, a slate that is bipartisan, Dem Whip, GOP Caucus Chair, and so on.

    And voila!  The Tea Party is left on the outside looking in.

    And the Obama presidency is unparalyzed.

    If you like this idea, and want to give it some positive buzz, please tweet about it.  My tentative hash tag is #JohnBoehnerYou'reFired but I'm open to suggestion.

    In addition, I set up a Move On petition just now.  I hope some of you will sign that and publicize it, on Facebook and elsewhere.  It is located at .

    Thank you!

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