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View Diary: Former chemist at MA drug lab gets 3-5 years in prison for faking thousands of tests (26 comments)

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  •  "system failure"? Was there a system? (4+ / 0-)
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    What kind of system doesn't review lab notebooks? Or include the paper trail that analytic instrumentation provides?

    Even in the "bearskin and sharpened stick" days when I was an analytic chem-dweeb, GC, GC/MS, heck every machine with a power switch on it spit out a piece of paper with the date/time, sample number, chemist identification and the actual raw results. That piece of paper was either stapled into your notebook or included in the samples C-o-C file. Daily logged calibration runs reviewed by...never mind.

    Even i1f the tests for street drugs is all "pee on a stick" now, at the very least, mfg. name, lot number and, again logged, daily calibration are the absolute minimum.


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