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View Diary: Former chemist at MA drug lab gets 3-5 years in prison for faking thousands of tests (26 comments)

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    As to Coakley, if no one else is doing this, no reason to single her out for blame.
    She has the grave responsibility to see that justice is properly administered in her state. She failed egregiously to do that. Thousands of possibly false convictions? What else does an AG have to do to get fired?

    I don't think the standard of "everyone else is a moron, why are you blaming me for being a moron too" is good public policy. With great power comes great responsibility. If her career is ruined over this, other AGs might be a little more curious what is going on in their crime labs.

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    by Sparhawk on Sat Nov 23, 2013 at 05:47:37 AM PST

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