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View Diary: Handcuffed 17-year-old shot dead while in back of police car (99 comments)

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  •  It could be that he was not properly searched. (3+ / 0-)
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    I think it sucks being a cop from every angle. Half the cops are steroid pumped freaks who think they they are doing urban military maneuvers in Faluja. My niece is a 20 year veteran working in one of the worst urban areas in the country, and she tells the new police officers, "keep your gun in the car or you will shoot someone." She doesn't seem to need it.
    This story seems pretty weird, we will never know what happened, because even when the police are being the most brutal - shoot kids in the back, kill people asking them for help, beating people for ten minutes until they die, all captured from multiple angles on video, nothing usually happens outside of administrative suspension with pay, multi-year investigations that take so long it is impossible to draw any conclusion let alone prosecute, on and on. So this won't be any different.

    "You can die for Freedom, you just can't exercise it"

    by shmuelman on Fri Nov 22, 2013 at 08:06:42 PM PST

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