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  •  Knucklehead (6+ / 0-)

    Count me among those who thought this was underwater photography. It's quite amazing. Was there any special lighting or just your aquarium set-up?

    So beautiful. Nicely done!

    "It's the Supreme Court, Stupid!"

    by Kestrel on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 06:24:46 PM PST

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    •  Kestrel (7+ / 0-)

      Well it is underwater photography but I took the shots from outside my tanks.
      I probably have 20,000  different reef & freshwater shots.
      There is nothing special about the lighting.
      The lighting is set up for the benefit of the fish & corals only.
      I`m on my own if I want to photograph them.
      Once I figured out how to best use my camera to best effect the results I wanted, it was a snap really.

      Deep Space Enigma


      All my fish have different ways of moving about.
      They also inhabit different levels in the reef.
      Some are continuos swimmers while others :flit" from place to place.
      Overall they all have their safe zone & will always be found there.
      Once the zones have been established, the peace holds though always precariously.

      Open Seabed

      A Tomato Clown in "its" Purple Anemone


      Long-nosed Hawkfish
      (this one perches & flits, perches & flits)


      Perching Again
      (On a Montipora Coral)


      Food is also a big factor.
      Some fish are herbivorous, others carnivorous & then the omnivors & the ones that only eat live food.

      Green Mandarin

      Will only eat live Copepods, little wiggly bugs that are everywhere in a well established reef.
      As you can see its mouth is not made for ripping out big chances of flesh.


      So it does take a bit of learning.
      Imagine if you had one or two of each bird in your diary today & all the different habitats they need, the different foods they eat & their diverse methods of acquiring it that you must know to keep a proper environment.
      It would take the planet to do so.
      Likewise I can`t keep whales, great whites, hagfish, or Fire corals.

      So I`m rambling, sorry
      Nice talking to you.
      Maybe One day I`ll do a marine "Alphabet" diary.

      It`s all
      Six Line Wrasse & Oranges


      I`m already against the next war.

      by Knucklehead on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 06:59:52 PM PST

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