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    my better guitar is an Ibanez my wife bought me years ago - a friend knocked it over and it got a crack that gave it a buzz in it, but I took it to a wonderful little shop in Astoria, Oregon called Thompson's Instrument Repair.  He fixed up the crack and new Grover tuners for under $100. It's a great place to go if you can.

    My other guitar is an old Fender acoustic from the early 1980's, I bought it used for $50. It always played ok - and was straight enough, but it never had the rich deep bass tone or sounded as good as the Ibanez.

    It's not too often I play electric, but I have one, the name is "Silvertone" although I doubt it has any connection to original Silvertone. It's a newer SG copy, black and came with a small fender amp I have hooked up to an older speaker cabinet. I paid $75 for the combo used.

    Also have an old catalog mandolin from the 1920's that was my Grandfathers. I got .. well for free but had it redone again at Thompson's. Not a lot of value - it's probably worth less that $200 but to me it's priceless.

    A friend collects Martin's and just loves them - but it's a hobby/passion he can afford. Recently he had one of his guitars redone, new frets etc .... for $675. When he told me I gulped, that's more than I have spent on musical instruments and equipment in my life.

    I can also recommend Gerlitzs polish - Ernie Ball Earthwood acoustic strings. (the earthwood strings are more like what the Martin strings used to be like) and my tuner is a eNote, it works great, very sturdy and tunes mandolins and guitars etc

    Recently I also added my own pickup to the Ibenez for less that $10 by getting the jack and a piezo buzzer from Radio Shack and getting that attached inside. There's links on how to do that on YouTube. Search "add guitar pickup to acoustic" etc.

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