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View Diary: The Economics of a Humble Fundamentalist Funeral in the Deep South (16 comments)

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    She was politically conservative. She believed down the line what Fox told her to believe, and since her church, which was the only institution in her life, had no counter-narrative, she would listen to nothing else. I remember hearing her tell her WW2 war hero husband he needed to get with the program and support W on the Iraq war. Because of circumstances, I could not perform a counter-narrative function for her to any material effect. By the 70s, before I knew her, she and most of the white people in her culture had switched over to the Republican Party.

    Southern Baptist ministers by and large wear it as a badge of purity and honor that they pray "in Jesus name" and in general behave as if they are the only religion at funerals, etc. For them to choose the teenage preacher model from Matewan is calling for courage and almost certain ostracism. Yet even in the Southern Baptist churches of today, in those Sunday School rooms Jim R mentioned, the message that "God is love" is not so easily repressed. Sunday school teachers, like the ones who taught me when I was little, are unpaid volunteers. The preacher is paid and dependent for his salary on not upsetting the community status quo.

    My avatar is a photograph I took in 2008 of the headwaters of a waterfall in the imperiled Parque Nacional de Garajonay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on La Gomera, birthplace of my paternal grandfather, in the Canary Islands near the Sahara Desert.

    by Galtisalie on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 08:03:50 AM PST

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