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  •  Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat (6+ / 0-)
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    Ice Blue, Joieau, sillia, bkamr, greengemini, KenBee

    Available here in Oregon through Audubon, available in other states, including Maryland. Planting w/native plants to provide homes and food for native insects, birds, etc.

    •  Out here in the southern appalachian (9+ / 0-)

      "wilderness" there are several programs to encourage maintenance and non-harvest of native wild species (like ginseng and black cohosh and goldenseal, now endangered by poaching because the herb market pays well). I have an entire mountainside in black cohosh, haven't yet taken advantage of the program that would pay me not to harvest. I only dig what I use, maybe one or two plants a year. Have been moving and planting ginseng for 20 years into better, more manageable locations. Some of my Mama 'Sangs are more than 25 years old and produce dozens of seeds a year.

      So far wild bees and kept bees are doing well still, there's no Big Ag bullshit around here because the mountains aren't conducive to intensive GMO monocropping. And there's a big organic movement here as well, thus organized resistance.

      Main problem is in the "breadbasket" plains states where ADM, et. al. monocrop chemically for millions of square miles. Not hopeful that can be reversed with backyard plantings, but you never know...

      •  Thanks, Joieau (5+ / 0-)
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        bkamr, marina, greengemini, Joieau, KenBee

        In Portland,  (definitely urban, though I'm from Md. and love the Appalachian mountains), it is close to the norm to have gardens, rather than manicured lawns, and people are eager to plant with natives, so I believe it does make a difference. I hope the idea of native plantings expands rapidly, as people realize what's happening to the natural world.

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