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  •  I regret that I have only ONE rec (38+ / 0-)

    to give this diary.

    About six months ago, I joined a local Peace vigil group that holds once a week vigils each Saturday in front of the local courthouse.  The original group started over ten years ago and consisted of about 35 people and was met with a lot of public opposition.  After the election of Obama in 2008, the participation dropped dramatically until there were four humans and one dog left at the time I joined.

    After over ten years, public reaction to the Peace vigil has changed dramatically. Now, the public is very supportive of our getting out of the wars, but shockingly most support the drone program.  I recently read where 2/3 of Americans support drone warfare.  Then I realized that the public is opposed to seeing our soldiers killed or injured but is not opposed to our killing people in other countries via drones.

    Recently, we decided to put more focus on informing people why the drone program is so bad. In talking with people who are against the wars but support the drone program, I found that nearly every one of them believes that the drones are being used in very surgical strikes against specifically known terrorists. They are unaware of the high casualty rate among innocent civilians nor the double tapping that is being done.

    Much of this misconception is due to the lack of good coverage by the MSM and the misinformation put out by the administration about the drone program. While my experience with the people I have talked to is anecdotal, I have reason to believe that it might be typical of why so many Americans support the drone program.  The public needs to be better informed as to why programs like the drones are an act of terrorism on our part and end up actually creating more enemies than they are eliminating.

    Great diary.  Tipped and highly recommended.

    "I don't want to run the empire, I want to bring it down!" ~ Dr. Cornel West "It was a really naked declaration of imperialism." ~ Jeremy Scahill on Obama's speech to the UN

    by gulfgal98 on Sun Nov 24, 2013 at 12:35:34 PM PST

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