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View Diary: Obama's Drone War is not working (92 comments)

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  •  The question is -- what is the drone was supposed (4+ / 0-)

    to accomplish?

    If it is supposed to reduce terrorism, obviously it won't work -- as Malala Yousafazi told Obama, it is creating more terrorists.

    But what if its purpose is something else entirely? We know that Kennedy was constantly pressured by the military of his day to get into a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. They wanted a nuclear war, he didn't. The Bay of Pigs was presented to him as an easy victory, even though the military knew it would fail. They believed it would force Kennedy into committing regular US ground troops in Cuba which they hoped would start a war with the Soviet Union. When the Bay of Pigs flopped, Kennedy let the flop stand and did not commit troops, much to the fury of the military.

    Similarly, the advisors in Vietnam were supposed to result in an easy victory, and Kennedy was also deliberately misinformed about that by the military.

    These smaller actions were bones thrown to the military to keep them from staging and out-and-out coup.

    After Kennedy was no longer in the way, Johnson gave the military some of the war they wanted... but by no means all of it. They wanted to nuke Hanoi and again they were hoping to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union.

    Do we have any reason to think that our military today is any less eager for massive conflict? On the contrary, it seems the military and neocons have had a major war with Iran in their sights since before the 2000 presidential election.

    Perhaps the drone war is really meant to be bones tossed to these people and to the MIC... something to keep them busy, something to divert them from attempting an all-out coup?

    It's just a thought. But could Obama really be substantially dumber than 16 year old Malala?

    (Don't answer that question... it was rhetorical.)

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