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View Diary: Growing concern about safety of homeschooled kids in North Carolina (121 comments)

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    After reading the comments, I can say that while I appreciate both sides of the argument, I don't see a means of preemptive official intervention that would be effective.  I also think that it would be a gross violation of people's rights and the highest principles of our society.  I think it is important to remember the warnings about things that are done in the name of protecting the children.  I don't believe this problem has a simple solution and certainly not one that can be solved by enacting a law.  I also think that it is important to remember that even if one is homeschooling for religious reasons or even to keep their children away from "that kind", that is part of their parental prerogative and in many ways is no different than forced diversity.

    I don't have children, but if I did and if I had the means, I too would home school as I believe that they would get a superior education compared to the public schools.  At home, the educational focus would be on my child / children, not on enabling the lowest common denominator to pass a standardized test.  

    While I am certain that some lousy parents do hide behind home schooling, I too am not willing to give up my rights as a result.

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