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View Diary: Christianity Is Evolving Back into What It Was Intended to Be: a Mirroring of the Life of Jesus (108 comments)

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    Another way to read this is as a change of strategies after failure to reevangelize The West by taking on the aims and forms and tactics and aggressive propaganda elements of a political party of sorts in each country.

    The renewed emphasis on charity, the poor, etc. is drawing back a lot of passive Catholics and ex-Catholics worldwide.  Other denominations will follow suit, so a general phenomenon of the kind is likely worldwide.

    But the key word is 'worldwide'- it's largely going to have real effects- after all, the aim of the RCC (and others) is not to be nice people as much as it is to evangelize/reevangelize them- in places like Brazil and Africa.  Here in the U.S. and in Europe it will draw in passive believers, of course.  But without a materially vital need and opportunity for charity the impulse has a way of diffusing and diminishing.

    Seen with a political eye, the RCC is very deliberately tapping into latent goodwill and benefit of the doubt that is very available to it.  But people who've left it before and perceived it to be hollow as an entity are commonly open to leaving again, are aware of their independence even though they feel desires and emotional dependence.  The day they walk back in the door is the day the goodwill and benefit of the doubt they give the Church is at a maximum.  It will expend over time.

    I think the effect in the U.S. will be a temporary resurgence of numbers and a nicer face of organized religion, but it declines and re-embitters again in a decade or so.   The large effect is worldwide, with the large organized religions shifting over to being Second/Third World movements and phenomena.  As has been predicted for a long time.

    •  I think there is a pendulum for this (0+ / 0-)

      kind of thing, just as there is a political pendulum (and sometimes they are intertwined).  I'm content to relish the pendulum swinging "my" way and lament when it does not.  :)

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