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  •  Don't get me started on Evangelical warping (2+ / 0-)
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    SuWho, jbsoul

    of the meaning behind the 'forsaken' line from the cross.

    Framing it as God-The-Father actually turning his back on Jesus instead of 1) recognizing that it's actually the start of a very specific Psalm of lamentation and 2) accepting that Roman crucifixion was bad enough to make someone whose foundational moral cornerstone was 'God Cares About What Happens To Everybody' feel abandoned by God.

    Nope, gotta be God abandoning him. Can't be a sign to the church that Jesus really understands the whole 'when the painkillers stop working' thing or the 'days you wonder if even God can stand you' thing.

    Cried in the pew when that finally sunk in this year. Took switching traditions to hear it. Should have heard it when I was a bullied little kid, but instead I got 'God doesn't let bad things happen to Christians, life gets better when you convert guaranteed' and assumed he might not even be listening to The Sinner's Prayer from me.

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