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View Diary: Updated "You can sell your desk. You don't need it." ~ Pope Francis (212 comments)

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    but don't forget the part where the church realized that if they demanded that all priests, cardinals, etc. divested themselves of family to cleave to celebacy that they (the church) would inherit the family wealth by law. As I pointed out in my other post, I did not pull these ideas about how the church grew out of dime store books.

     The bottom line is that this institution claims to have been founded on the ideas of a man who did not admire wealth or worldly institutions (and who was actually fabricated for the most part by the church) and yet somehow become the most wealthy religious institution on earth.

    However, I don't pass up opportunities to learn something new, so please share your views with me. Before you do though, this is what I feel overall about this topic...

    The hypocrisy of the statements by this most recent pope about wealth and capitalism (and actually all the popes who paid homage to this PR stance) is stunning to me.  My main point was to get people to focus on the fact that much of the wealth of that institution was not obtained by anything related to morality. At least what most people see as morality.  

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