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  •  The real problem (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, cynndara

    The pedophile-protection racket is the cover over the organized crime connections.  Until they deal with that, they'll make zero sustained progress on the child molesting priests.

    And when you stand up against the Vatican money laundering operation, you're not standing up against a bunch of sexually impaired right wingers in Opus Dei.  You're standing up against the likes of the 'Ndrangheta who don't mind gunning down wayward clerics and have the capacity to act on it (they make the Bulgarian secret service look like amateurs, and they make Al Queda look transparent because of their family clans).  And they make the generals in Argentina circa 1984 look like the ACLU.

    So a lot of this is on secular law enforcement -- the improvement is that law enforcement now has the cooperation of the papacy, if not the rest of the Vatican.  And the dead giveaway is the rather open hostility of US bishops, who were especially pre-selected for their right wing sympathies by the previous two occupants of the papacy.

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