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View Diary: Charges against Steubenville superintendent relate to alleged rape that took place in April 2012 (13 comments)

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    in my community a teacher at the hs was sexually abusing 20+ hs girls (he said it was consensual) - over a long period of time.    Other teachers noticed and told the school administration - but nothing happened - so over time they climbed the ladder - but the district admin ignored it too.  The teacher's wife finally spilled the beans and there was some scrambling you can bet - result?

    district super - nothing
    school principal - promoted to made up position in school board office to get him out of the school (he is very well connected socially)- he even helped the perp by warning him and giving him time to cover up - there however is a civil suit pending
    school asst principals (3) - suddenly a mad rush to retire
    teacher - he got five months - parents were outraged at the light sentence but plea bargained designed to get it off the front page - he was essentially charged with one count and it was to cover all the others too - turns out he has broken his probation numerous times - cannot keep his hands off the young ladies.

    I think admin told and didn't do anything should be both fired and stripped of their pension and charged with child endangerment.  

    we trust school officials with our kids - and they sweep the problems under the rug

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