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View Diary: Walmart protests rack up more than 110 arrests nationwide (36 comments)

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  •   These jobs most certainly did support families. (0+ / 0-)

    I worked retail just out of high school and made a better wage than most of my friends.  Of course that was back when department stores were union.  I was able to rent an apartment with a view in Seattle and buy pretty much what I wanted.

    There were three older single women in my department who all had supported themselves and also kids and had done so for for over 30 years.

    Three men I attended high school with retired from Safeway with nice houses and kids all raised.

    Walmart may be the one we all see but as i stated earlier, they are hardly the only ones.  Walgreen's and Macy's and the Gap and Urban Outfitters and Anthopologie and Pottery Barn and Starbucks and Amazon and  organic bakeries and cafes ALL pay less than livable wages.

    It's  easy to hate on wally world but until you boycott all low wage employers you will get nowhere. Change takes real sacrifice.

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