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  •  You suddenly shrink (2+ / 0-)
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    Nada Lemming, LaEscapee

    when someone doesn't bow to your assertion. Funny, that. The more you travel the world, the more you'll find perspectives that you won't expect. Africans are not immune from making fun of flat noses because not all African cultures have them. The Chinese have a slang for white people "chang bizi". It literally means long nose.

    Many many people don't see the filth that Limbaugh says on his show as racist. Using your "logic" does that mean that what he says isn't racist?
    You're not using my logic. You're trying to get me to agree to a straw man and you know it, so cut the crap. Also, you right wingers know that Limbaugh has worse intent behind his words. They are playing coy. Context matters. My logic is what I have said, not what you think you can reinterpret to make your bad argument work.
    But his and your utter lack of concern or empathy for the people who are offended and/or genuinely hurt by these types of depictions says plenty.
    "Using your logic" does that mean white people who are offended by things said on this site, which are applied to white people only, should be given more sensitivity? Or are you going to guffaw that whites can feel discrimination and have a right to complain, as I've seen  by more fringe posters?

    I have empathy. I don't have sympathy. There's a difference. I understand how people get offended but that doesn't mean I feel for them if I feel they are wrongly feeling that way. That's what makes it the former and not the latter.  

    It's a good thing you have no need to converse with me, otherwise you might converse with me more.

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