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View Diary: Fox News dreams of a Very White Christmas (270 comments)

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  •  I believe our current vision of Santa (14+ / 0-)

    is a combination of St Nicolas and the old Norse tales of Odin flying through the winter skies on his eight-legged horse Sleipnir, surrounded by an entourage of elves and dwarves. If you happened to be caught out in the long night by the bearded, flying Odin and his crew, you might be given the gift of poetry should he find you to be a worthy soul. If not, he might just kill you. After all, a lump of coal in a cold climate is also a gift. Like the song says, " you better watch out"....  

    •  There is ample evidence (10+ / 0-)

      that there is also a strong correlation that the Santa image draws from Siberian tribes who had shamans who used the Amanita Muscaria mushrooms in religious ceremonies. The A. Muscaria mushrooms are hallucinogenic.

      The mushrooms are red with white dots on the cap (sometimes called a crown of thorns) so the shamans had ceremonial garb to emulate that, hence Santa's red suit and cap with the white balls on it.

      They lived in yurts, and in the winter with heavy snows, the only way to get inside was by climbing in through the fire-smoke hole at the top of the yurt's roof. Hence Santa going down chimneys.

      The A.Muscaria mushrooms come out in the late fall and early winter, and grow only under conifer trees. Hence the brightly colored "gifts" under the tree. Those "gifts", that seem to magically appear overnight under the tree, are for the "children", but that doesn't mean that they are for kids.

      When you eat the mushroom, you will see bright colors and twinkling lights. Moonlight glancing off of ice and snow crystals on a tree are very nice indeed, so now we have a "Christmas Tree".

      The shamans apparently traveled from east to west across Eurasia following the mushroom "bloom" in the early winter. Hence the sleigh ride, and how the imagery came to Europe.

      Reindeer are well known to love eating those mushrooms and appear to get quite stoned on them as well. They "fly". That isn't a red nose that Rudolph has. He just has a red mushroom in his mouth, leading his the way across the "Heavens".

      Ho! Ho! Ho!!

      After learning all this, I have not seen Santa the same way since!

      I was once driving past a shopping center packed with Christmas shoppers when I noticed a lovely fresh patch of A.Muscaria mushrooms under some Monterey Cyprus trees in the landscaping in front of the shopping center. I thought "you fools...spending all your money shopping, when the real presents are right outside for free!"

      (BTW, I don't recommend that anyone actually eat the A.Muscaria mushrooms, as they also contain toxins that cause temporary paralysis. There are much better mushrooms available)

      "If you lose your sense of humor, it's just not funny anymore" Wavy Gravy

      by offgrid on Thu Dec 12, 2013 at 03:36:13 PM PST

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      •  No, the reindeer actually fly (0+ / 0-)

        And the shamans ride them.  

        There are 3000-year-old artifacts depicting caribou with wings.

        As for the psycho-pharmacological theory, I saw bah humbug.

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