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View Diary: Fox News dreams of a Very White Christmas (270 comments)

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    It amazes me how people laugh at Megan for what a majority of Americans believe: That Jesus was (is?) a white dude.

    And, many of those same people laughing believe that Jesus did exist. You would think if they are serious about worshipping this god, that they would know exactly what proof exists. (There is not any reputable evidence of an existence of a Jesus.)

    Plus, he performed all of these miracles (which nobody wrote about outside of biblical references.) And, he is the son of a deity who created the universe in six days (which goes against everything we know of our existence based on science.)

    So, to sum up:

    1) There is a god that created everything (silence)
    2) His son existed and performed miracles (silence)
    3) He was white (laughter, how ridiculous)
    4) Santa Claus was white, too (of course we know that is not true, creating universes is one thing, but elves in the north pole is a bridge too far for most Americans.)


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