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View Diary: Fox News dreams of a Very White Christmas (270 comments)

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    from FAUX Noise Channel? They hire pretty blondes with nice legs, but common sense, brains, well read or well educated, not so much. Come now folks, I am an old white Grammy, but I did get through high school, college and nursing school. I did read and I do know something about geography, thus the mythological Santa, who was patterned after a Greek is not white, ladies and gentleman, he was very dark skinned. Jesus, too, was born in either Bethlehem, or Nazareth (there are differing opinions on His "birth.")and He does not look like a Swede, they way that He is depicted in most pictures. He was probably short, with dark brown eyes, dark brown hair and brown skin.
    When one of the "very religious?" women, of a church to which I once belonged, called me at 11 PM one night and asked me if Simon of Cyrene, who reportedly carried Jesus' cross, was black? I said, that Simon of Cyrene was probably black and so was Jesus, at which point she hung up on me and would never speak to me again. Oh, well. Think about it folks there were dark skinned people in that area, then, and there are today, too.

    "The American people do everything right, but not before trying everything else first." Winston Churchill

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