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  •  That's a big conversation among military families (1+ / 0-)
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    right now, especially since most people who enlist come from a military family. None of us want to recommend our kids join at this moment in time. Great quote from the facebook page where we've been organizing:

    The US military has become an almost "self-generating" force because so many sons and daughters of US Service Members choose to also serve their country. For many of my friends it's become the "family business." This trend is very dependent on the perceived treatment of military veterans and retirees. If actions such as the current budget betrayal continue, the Chief of Staff and SMA won't have to worry about a hollow Army...our Army will be non-existent. Why would I encourage my sons to serve an organization and leadership that so callously betrays their promises to me and my brothers?
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      My father is a Vietnam vet, I remember how things were when he was gone. I married a soldier, we burned 23 years raising kids all over planet earth. Did a year with the husband in Bosnia. The morning after he left, I woke up with a bed-full,  both kids, the dog and the cat....all of them looking at me (no pressure). My eldest just got back from his third freaking deployment in Afghanistan, he's a bit of a mess still. My older brother (sgt. First class) and his son (major) are republicans and baptists who are (last I heard) on board with the GOP agenda to keeps the gays out, not sure how they're taking this one. I've had tea baggers slam and make disgusting comments about service members (they see it as welfare). They think if they're not actively in a war zone, they don't need to be paid, get a real job you slackers. Don't ask me for quotes, they're ugly, and getting worse. My father used to say 'GI blood, cheapest coin in the realm.' It took me years to understand that, but he's right. My father is in a nursing home, he's 75, they think he should still be working. He can't remember my older sister, has violent spells (PTSD) and nightmares from Vietnam (which causes the violent spells). Now they want to cut his retirement. I tell the locals, don't, never, do not join the military. It used to be an honorable life, but not anymore. I live in a very red, rural area, so I tell the farm boys 'do just about anything else, America doesn't honor her soldiers anymore and no longer deserves them.' I've called McConnell and Paul so many times they're on speed dial, they keep pushing the party line 'cuts have to be made'.

      Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.-Terry Pratchett

      by Shippo1776 on Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 05:42:41 AM PST

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