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View Diary: Florida Station Replaces Rush Limbaugh & Pals With 'Hot' Country - Ouch It Burns Says The GOP (109 comments)

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  •  The Fat-Man (0+ / 0-)

    Unfortunately, for Los Angeles, the fat Snake was booted off his 50,000 Watt Blowtorch (640 AM), and landed squarely on top of the lower power sister-station (1150 AM) (also owned by Clear Channel), and obliterated the only progressive station in L.A...

    Effective Yesterday (1/2/14), Los Angeles lost Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes and Bill Press, when K-TLK ceased to exist, and morphed into "K-EIB, Patriot AM", taking "Slanthead" Hannity, and Glenn ("only I think I'm not insane") Beck with him...

    If truth in advertising applied, perhaps their new call letters should be "KKKT" (for KuKluxKlan Talk)...?

    Or "Patriot AM, where the truth goes to die"...

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