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  •  Oh God, you know this isn't how it works, right? (2+ / 0-)
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    a gilas girl, dfarrah
    Because artificially putting someone on a permanent plateau of 'sort-of-ok' is inhumane, IMHO.
    Somebody starting a mood regulator will certainly seem flatter than they did- That's kinda the point of the medication.

    But that's because normal mood range is much more limited than what that person had been experiencing.

    People on mood stabilizers still have moods. We have good days and bad days. Just like everybody else.

    we may have a drug that allows a person to go through natural, but controlled, cycles of lows and highs.
    We do. Lithium, lamictal, host of others.

    Sure, people who have been experiencing extreme mood lability will feel "flattened" by a mood stabilizer, and they have been- right into normal range, with any luck.

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