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  •  Well, what I'm trying to say (and may be totally (3+ / 0-)

    wrong in my belief) is that when I buy a share of stock I'm buying a piece of the company - even if it's a infinitesimally small piece.  The money doesn't go to the company directly, but it does mean that I'm supporting the value of the company at a given price, so the company has worth (collateral) when it goes to take out loans to operate the business. I'm not paying them money to directly make the widget, but I'm saying I believe the stock is worth the $10 or more/share (or whatever) and the company can then go to the bank (or whomever) and say our value for our company is 50 billion dollars, our debt is only 10 billion and we want to borrow money to make more widgets.

    I don't disagree that the tax rates should be adjusted.  I just disagree that there's no work involved in the investment of money into a stock.  Maybe (probably) the tax rates for investment income need to be higher.

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