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  •  Rich Should Be Taxed More Because They Get More (2+ / 0-)
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    Eric Nelson, tardis10

    The simple reason the rich should be taxed more is because they get more.

    Let's just look at military spending. The military defends both people and property. But the top 1% has most of the wealth. That means they should pay the majority of the cost of the military.

    The military budget takes up about half the real federal budget. (The real federal budget doesn't include Social Security or Medicare, which are transfer payments, about a trillion dollars a year that Republicans claim is part of the budget, thus inflating "government spending".) But the rich don't pay for more than half that spending.

    For that matter, our military secures the world's supply lines. That means every country that exports goods here is able to do so at a much lower cost than they would if they had to pay their fair share of that cost. This is why we need to institute a much higher tariff. The people profiting from this trade need to pay the costs of protecting it. But they don't. They foist that cost off on the taxpayers, most of whom are middle-class families trying to make ends meet.

    Quick, how much of the military budget is paid for out of tariffs? For comparison, the basic military budget is around $670 billion a year. How much did we raise in tariffs last year?

    Taxes should be reasonably related to the services provided. The rich get enormous benefit from our government, which protects their businesses in every conceivable way, from providing a military that allows them to have worldwide businesses to supplying the fire departments that protect their buildings from fire. But they want the rest of us to pay for it.

    Democrats and our politicians, specifically, need to get this message and stick to this message. This is how we "win the message war over why, how and how much". Taxes should be proportionate to the service provided. Right now, the rich are getting a free ride. And that's one of the reasons they're so rich.

    (Try $33 billion in the official 2013 federal budget for tariffs. See "Customs duties". Note that the figures for military spending do not include the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, Department of Energy [the agency that overseas our nuclear deterrent] or national intelligence. All together, we are in the range of $800 billion for national security, which would be limited to about $400 billion with my 5X plan.)

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