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  •  History proves you wrong. (2+ / 0-)
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    It wasn't a formal debate, but Clarence Darrow's examination of William Jennings Bryan at the Scopes trial in 1925 was a high point in the vindication of science, and Darrow's victory was clear.  Bryan was humiliated, and died not long afterwards.  Whether Bill Nye in particular participates in a debate or not, these debates must occur.  They occur in courts every time a school tries to insert a creationist point of view into a school curriculum.  They occur on school boards every time somebody tries to add creationist texts or expunge the teaching of evolution.  They are unavoidable, because the creationists are relentless, and will keep coming back, illegitimate though their views may be.  You can't refute them by ignoring them.  Ignore them, and they win.

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