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  •  read Sun Tzu or Clausewitz (0+ / 0-)

    Amen to reading Sun Tzu or Clausewitz.  Better yet, both.  If Muskie had, and if he had attacked The Great Prevaricator, we might not be in the end-stage of American democracy because we wouldn't have suffered Reaganomics.

    If Humphrey had, Vietnam might have ended quite differently, especially if Johnson and Sen. Ev Dirksen had spoken out about Nixon's treasonous communications and activity with the South Vietnamese regime.

    If Gore or Kerry had followed either, we might have had less or none of The Decider in Chief and Darth Vader.

    Coulda, woulda, shoulda.  Anyone seeking office against the New Feudalists in 2014 needs to ramp up their knowledge base and act accordingly.

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