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View Diary: Media Drones prevent Firefighting Helicopters from Reaching Burning Village in Norway (42 comments)

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  •  But surely you are forgetting (2+ / 0-)
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    OllieGarkey, NoMoreLies

    teh bigger Income Opoortuunities:

    -- We can have Drones deliver lousy Pizza in 20 Minutes, instead of 30.  And no tipping to boot.

    -- We can have Drones to shop around for Real Estate Deals for us.  No more pesky driving around prospective neighborhoods.  Note:  peering into windows for the amenities costs extra.

    -- We can have Drones that trail our kids devices, verifying indeed, They are WHERE they SAY they are.  Think of the Trust-enhancement opportunities there.

    -- We can have Drones that walk our Dogs, soon as they solve that scooper gizmo problem.

    -- We can have Drones that Monitor our Traffic Jams -- BEFORE they happen.  Once they get those Blinking Arrows wired, they can re-direct us out of it too. Only an extra Dash-subscriber fee of $20 buck a month.

    Once we have these Drones of Convenience, we will wonder how in the world we ever got along with out them?

    (Well, maybe not us -- but the next gen will surely wonder ...  as personal DOC tells them where to turn next, WHEN.)

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