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View Diary: What if legislators didn't have to draw majority-minority districts? Democrats would lose big (71 comments)

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  •  The Democratic Party isn't 100% progressive (0+ / 0-)

    If you split that into a leftist party and a centrist party, are you sure those centrists will side with the left?

    I could easily see a scenario where neoliberal centrists side with progressives on social issues and with conservatives on economic issues.

    •  But that's not how parliamentary systems (0+ / 0-)

      usually function or would function here. For any side to win the support for a majority in the parliament and thus have one of its own as prime minister, or in this case speaker of the house, they generally hammer out a deal with a few smaller parties about what they will and won't try to pass that session. You don't see one party in the majority coalition vote with governing bloc and the minority bloc on different legislation, otherwise why would the other parties in the majority bloc agree to share power with them?

      And those neoliberal centrists you talk about don't have a whole wide range of support (for something like social security cuts, etc) so if moderate Dems decided to defect to the Republicans in their congressional voting habits, they would pay a much higher price for it by losing seats to the Progressives than they do in reality where a primary challenge is difficult and can endanger a seat.

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