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View Diary: Corker threatens jobs if Volkswagen workers unionize (126 comments)

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  •  It isn't mentioned in this diary or in the (3+ / 0-)
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    comments, but Corker is also threatening to take away the company's tax incentives they receive from Tennessee if the worker's vote for a union. Corker is a US Senator, not a State Senator, so all of his threats are just blowhard bs. But shows him to be what he really is. He's threatening the company and the workers. It should also be mentioned that this union will be modeled on the German union model, not what the US is used to. Corker is the same hateful idiot that pretty much blew a casket over UAW benefits during the bankruptcies. To the morons that say there isn't any difference between Dems and Repubs, I present to you,  asshat Bob Corker.

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