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  •  Make sure he has photocopy of his passport (37+ / 0-)

    I think he should carry his passport at all times. But a copy should also be at apartment and maybe with girlfriend's family. Can he send you copy of it, or pics, of his passport, too, if you don't have that already?

    He could also make sure the US embassy/ consulate knows his street address and contact.

    It wouldn't hurt to have a stash of cash (some local money and but mostly dollars on hand. in his situation (and I've been in worse) I would want to have at least $500, preferably $750-1,000 that I could access without a bank visit or credit card.  If he needs to leave via some kind of (or combination of) ground, or sea, transport then cash is King. Does he have an open (no date) airplane ticket out? Cash stash shouldn't be on his person on a daily basis, unless he's on the way out of the country. But a bit more walking around money might be useful to carry until things settle down.

    He needs a "go" bag in the apartment, packed with what he'd need to leave town/country with in a hurry. Some small light food is good in it. Granola, chocolate, etc. A modest-size bottle of good booze may be worth its weight in a thank-offering/ bribe/ barter situation.  The go bag should have sunscreen, and any meds and extra glasses if he needs them And extra socks. And charger for cellphone. He should always leave apartment in comfy clothes and shoes, with clothes warm enough for a night in whatever cold that might be expected for the season.

    Set up a regular contact schedule at predetermined intervals, so that any missed point is an early, passive alarm of some kind of trouble.  And you might locate a Russian speaking person  near you who could talk to the girlfriend's family if communications break down.  You have their contact #s, right?

    Hope all this prep is completely unnecessary and he just gets to watch this unfold from an unusually close perspective. Sending good thoughts.


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