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View Diary: DA Angela Corey Now Seeks 60 Years Against Marissa Alexander In 2nd Trial (227 comments)

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    My original comment was to point out the inconsistency of those who think that getting rid of SYG is going to prevent racial bias in self-defense cases in states where racial bias in the law seems to be a fact of life.

    And the irony that the only change being proposed to the law that would benefit those in Marissa Alexander's position is being made by a group like the NRA. Where's the Democratic proposal to change the law in a way that would help here?

    Now, out of all the followup comments, how many of them have managed to address what I originally brought up, and how many have simply criticized me for daring to bring it up or have changed the subject?

    You for instance, diverted the subject over to access to firearms, which is at least as tangential to the issue as anything I have said.

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