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    One 4th of July many years ago I had a very persistent and acute pain in one calf. It was so bad I couldn't bear weight on the leg. With no insurance, I've become used to looking up medical complaints on the internet. Blood clot is was what had me worried. I relented and went to Urgent care because they cost so much less.
    Unfortunately, they didn't have ultra sound equipment and the doc also thought it could be a blood clot and he insisted I go directly to the closest ER.

    Long story short, it wasn't a clot, it was a Baker's cyst that had leaked into my calf.

    $140 for the Urgent Care
    $1400 for the ER. They did reduce this to $700 because I was uninsured.

    It still  took me 2 years to pay this all off.

    I am thrilled to know that because of the ACA, I now have insurance!

    FORWARD! Obama/Biden 2012

    by Esjaydee on Sun Mar 02, 2014 at 02:49:04 PM PST

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