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  •  I was worried about being blaming (1+ / 0-)
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    but felt it might be useful to point out if someone WERE in their right mind but in denial (as people having heart attacks sometimes are) how irrational it actually is, and that I've reached/convinced people in that state by pointing this out.

    I don't know you at all (I can't keep track of people here for some reason even though I'm on daily so don't have relationships really). But I figured with that typing maybe you weren't just neurologically having some problem physically but were daze or worse.

    You could tell how you were sort of in a daze..sort of even seemed imobilized or unable to take action, like you were walking though molasses. Yet your sentences were reasonably coherent.

    I am so glad that even in your state you were rational enough to post the diary. I am so glad you had people who knew you and didn't give up on you.

    It must be a bit hairy to go read the diary now (maybe don't?). Your typing got worse and worse, like you were sinking into a pit    )-:  and you would be lost )-:

    Please don't be embarrassed. You were sick, seriously ill, and not your self. I've been very dehydrated but still NOT that ill that it effected my thinking. You must have been really in a bad way. Maybe they didn't tell you how bad it was. It makes me furious at that ambulance crew that came and left.

    It wasn't like you were someone who was not listening to everyone because you didn't believe them and thought you knew better than they and how dare they have an opinion (!). Not in your ego I've seen patients like that who don't want to believe...probably because they are in denial. That was NOT what happened. I guess I should be more accepting of those people too.

    You did nothing to be ashamed of. It is not your fault. I said something in the diary that I'd say again. If this was someone else, a friend of yours, I am sure you would see they shouldn't be embarrassed or blame themselves.


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