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View Diary: The sad death of (another) microwave oven. (225 comments)

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    Dem Beans
    The soft materials used to make the doors seal cannot be made permanently safe.  They will wear out and deform.  And that will mean low level safety risks.  The older ones, by the way, put out much more dangerous levels of radiation.
    In my previous apartment, the microwave (which belongs to my roommate) had stood in the same place, perpendicular to the refrigerator, for four years.  One day, I was wiping off the doorhandles & surface of the fridge & noticed some spots weren't coming off.  That's odd, I thought.

    A few days later, when I went to wipe down the microwave, I saw that there were tiny spots where the paint had worn or flaked off.  I looked over & saw they directly corresponded to the spots on the refrigerator.

    We've yet to replace the thing, though we have moved (and so the evidence has yet to again accumulate).  As a safety precaution in the meantime, I leave the kitchen when the machine is in use.

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