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  •  Putin's approval still in the 60s% (2+ / 0-)
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    katiec, waterstreet2013

    Putin has enjoyed approval ratings between 84 and 62%. Russia went through a brutal time after the collapse of the USSR and the people want a strong leader. He is still one of the most popular leaders in the world in his own country.

    I think that this is, in part, a reaction to the US sending neoliberal extremists to Russia, convincing them that Capitalism will solve all of their problems if they just sell out all of their public assets and remove all regulations (sound familiar?).

    Russia went from a basket case to a serious player today. The Russian economy is eight largest in the world and they are about tied with China for having the second and third largest military budget at $100B+. That creates a great deal of pride for the Russian people.

    We in the US are so used to knee-jerk bashing of both Russia and China that we are blind to realities in both countries. You have a lot more influence over a friend than an enemy.

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