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  •  I'm really not sure about Crimea. (1+ / 0-)
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    As I understand it, their new pro-Russian leader was elected under watch of rifle-barrels in the local parliament and he hails from a party that I think off-hand is less tan 15% of the regions makeup?   Something like that?  During that emergency election it was Russian media, not Crimean media, which seemed to know what was going on.  Also Yanukovich's press conference from Russia didn't seem to be calling for military intervention but then suddenly a letter he wrote shows up at the U.N. giving Putin the green-light?   The NYT article on Russia's hand in the pro-Russian protests is very telling in informing us of what we do not know; and what we do not know if how many in Crimean actually favor what Russia has done.

    Didn't Iraq once welcome us as liberators?  It's too early to tell, but I don't see Russia letting go even if they need to fix an election.

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    by Setrak on Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 05:44:07 AM PST

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    •  Russia has plenty of money for Crimea. (0+ / 0-)

      Wonderful climate -- average 40s in the winter, 70s and 80s in the summer.

      Economically, going with Russia is a big winner for the population.

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