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View Diary: Wisconsin---these are the people running your state. (98 comments)

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    I know this is the fifth time I've mentioned this, but it behooves those who are following this case to contact Al Jazeera's Chicago bureau. Their agency recently brought down a California legislator and does some very thorough investigative journalism. Their POC in Chicago is Diane Eastabrook. I don't have her email address, but you can send email to:

    Phone: (773) 465-2281

    Again, the people who can really dig into this are:

    Josh Bernstein

    Diane Eastabrook

    Josh ran the investigation into Ronald Calderon and Diane runs the Chicago bureau. This story is so deep and has such large US implications (former GOP presidential candidate/GOP Party Chair/Future GOP Presidential Candidate/National Donors/Federal Courts/etc) that I must believe AJ will look into it. It's sad to say that they are the only hope for investigative journalism, but we know Journal Communications isn't going to do it.

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      Are you aware that number is disconnected?

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        I've been trying to find better contact information than the basic email address above (which is on their website). The above phone number is published for their office in Chicago. The other numbers readily available are their main office in Qatar, their HQ in NY, and the big office in DC.

        +974 4896342


        (202) 496-4500

        Chicago Field Office POCs:
        Ash-har Quraishi
        Diane Eastabrook

        DC is currently closed due to weather.  

        I wouldn't be so insistent on this if not for this:

        They've done this work before. I'm sure with enough information they'd be able to do it again. Getting the expose on Walker/Koch/Priebus would be at the level of Blago, Christie, and above the level of Calderon. And who knows this better than those who have been following this for the last few years? The depths and nuances of this (not to mention the national implications) are too big to be ignored.

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