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View Diary: Why did Obama let this happen, and other questions on Ukraine (313 comments)

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  •  Iraq was also emotional, Putin may have daddy (0+ / 0-)

    issues, that would probably be a part of it.

    But I could make a case that this is more an emotioanl response to the cultural threat that the US poses to Russia (and "tough guys" like Putin).

    It may seem far fetched, but Russia's current "push back" agains Gay rights, for example, is, IMO, a direct response to the progress here on that front.

    The progress on Gay right is obviously VERY threatening to large segments of the Russian population (and "tough guys" like Puting).  His current hostility may be an emotional response to that perceived threat.

    Imagine the most profound idea ever conceptualized occupying this space. Now expect exactly the opposite. You'll never be disappointed.

    by Gurnt on Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 10:08:24 AM PST

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