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View Diary: New York and Connecticut take action against food stamp cuts (60 comments)

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    how about if these states opened up 'trust accounts' to which those, who felt they could afford twenty bucks a month, could donate money for the heating assistance requirements and needs of the disadvantaged? I mean there are a lot of good people out there that think this situation is obscene in extreme... and would be willing to spend the equivalent of ten cups of coffee a month to give these so called 'public servants' the Fickle Finger.
    If the State of California will arrange such a fund, with a Paypal account, I would be honored to be the first twenty a month subscriber donor.
    In this corner, we present Foreign Aid - in the opposing corner we present "Charity Begins at Home'
    Gee, I wonder who the American people will be rooting for?

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      That's something I'm curious about. There are plenty of lower income people here (and in other states) who simply don't need heating assistance because it doesn't get cold enough to need.  Well, we turned our heater on one week in early December.  There was a cold snap.  Are we to believe that all who would otherwise qualify are out of luck if they live somewhere warm?

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