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  •  Actually, that has been said (5+ / 0-)

    in our county and district, as Duke Energy and Progress Energy screwed EVERYONE over here....But Jimmie T got his pension from Duke/Progress when the Crystal River nuke plant was damaged when Progress decided to do their own maintenance and repairs (and had no knowledge of what to do).  The plant is now closed, Duke took over Progress Energy and told the county what they would pay in taxes (less than half of what they had been) and that we could go screw ourselves..

    •  Yep, Guv'ner Scott looked the other way when (1+ / 0-)
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      Citrus County got absolutely screwed by Duke Energy.  Duke decided that their property tax bill was too high and said "we'll see you in court" to Citrus County, which was suddenly left to scramble to replace $16 million in tax revenue per year.  A good governor would have gotten involved and had a public confrontation with Duke Energy's CEO.  He could have easily threatened to appoint a few Citrus County Commissioners to the state board that oversees the public utilities.  Instead, Scott flew off to spend time with the Kochs in Colorado, and appointed a bunch of patsies to the board.    

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