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  •  I'm one of those (6+ / 0-)

    who would be effected by cuts. Actually already have been. My medicare no longer covers dental or vision and I didn't know it until I went to the dentist.In short, my benefits were cut and I was never notified of such. My damned premiums are the same though. My decades long girlfriend is also disabled and on medicaid. Medicaid is actually a bit better than the medicare here in Jacksonville. Not much but some. We relocated to Florida btw. Things were so bad in Ky and Ohio we were homeless for about six months. Scott nor anyone else will stop me from voting this November. If I have to hitch hike all the way to Miami to vote I'll by dammed be there and it would give me a great deal of satisfaction to see a gay, cross dressing in between sex change surgeries Atheist Democrat of color with the entire answer to fixing our economy on the ballot because I'll vote for them,,,,,, twice if I could pull it off. Conservatives are little more than psychopaths with genocidal tendencies who acquired the power to make laws,,,,,,, kinda like Hitler did actually. Maybe they should drop the elephant mascot and start wearing the swastika arm bands Hitlers officers all wore.

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