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  •  I don't think a drunk driver who KILLED someone... (0+ / 0-)

    ...counts as the sort of "minor, non-violent" offense which shouldn't have long-term consequenses. He's had 22 more years of free, productive life than his victim, whose life he ended by CHOOSING to get in a car and drive while drunk. DUI manslaughter isn't a "crime of poverty", it's sure as hell not "minor", or "non-violent", and not the sort of crime I consider a good example for Why Ex-Felons Don't Deserve To Lose Their Voting Rights Forever.

    I'm all for restoring rights to "criminals" convicted of offenses (e.g.: drug possession) which involved no violence or harming of others (and believe personal-consumption quantities of many drugs should be decriminalized entirely). But, if you kill someone (even accidentally) in the course of committing your felony (DUI), is it "too much" to face consequences beyond 5 years in prison?

    •  However, once someone is out of prison (3+ / 0-)
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      they are no longer incarcerated, have paid the price of their felony, or other criminal act, and should have their rights restored. It is expected that someone work, and be self supporting, once out of prison, ergo, they should have a driver's license, so they can get to their place of employment and they are expected to act responsibly therefore voting is part of "acting responsibly" and they should have that right restored.

    •  While agreeing upon the severity of the crime (0+ / 0-)

      Upon serving his sentence, and demonstrating his rehabilitation for a number of years, he's somewhat earned his constitutional rights be reinstated. That is the point of incarceration, to "rehabilitate".  Since the law in most states, has legal rights restoration clauses, it's only natural that they be restored for all that have earned them. Notice that Florida, is big on purging those with voting rights restored, when they are sure it's to their advantage on election day. Coincidence? Not likely.

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